What is a powerpod?

A Powerpod is a secure containerised silenced generator unit c/w a 2000Litre fuel tank for long operational running hours between fill ups. It is also fully bunded so no fuel can leak out not even from the fuel pipes.

What are the differences between Powerpod 1, 2 & 3?

Powerpod 1
Single generator containerised unit in a choice of between 10Kva & 100Kva.

Powerpod 2
Twin generator containerised unit with a choice of 45 Kva/100Kva and 10Kva.
Energy efficient alternative if running 24 hours a day, lower emissions and fuel usage compared to Powerpod 1.

Powerpod 3
Twin power supply unit with one diesel generator 45Kva and one battery inverter pack.

What makes a Powerpod better?

  • 10Mtr 1600W Lighting mast – 4 x 400W Metal Halide flood lights attached to powerpod unit and controlled by a 24 hour programmable timer.
  • Fully Bunded – container fully lined bund even protects against fuel line leaks.
  • Secure personnel door to access the unit no need to open a large heavy container door.
  • Spill kit as standard so any minor spills can be cleaned up immediately.
  • LED lighting, our latest units have energy efficient LED lighting inside and outside the units so site personnel can access the powerpod unit safely at night.
  • Battery charging station – Several 230Volt RCD protected sockets and shelving unit for site operatives to charge power tool batteries in safety and secure environment and can be left on charge overnight.
  • Fuel Pumping station – In its own bunded tray a 230volt pump with 6mtr of hose and trigger to fill plant on site.
  • Auto Change over switch – Automatically changes over between generators.

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Powerpod Specifications

Powerpod 1

Powerpod – Secure, Robust, Reliable, Efficient, Site specific and Safe.


  • Secure 10Ft and 20Ft containerised units with heavy duty locks.
  • Fully bunded and tested.
  • Personnel door for access and outlet for electrical cables.
  • 2000 litre integrated fuel tank.
  • Auto change over panel c/w indication lights
  • Environmental spill kit supplied.
  • Oil top up kit to include 5 litres of oil and dispensing jug in its own bunded tray.
  • Fully silenced units for residential operation


  • 230 volt multi socket battery charging station c/w self unit to prevent trip hazards and damage
  • Double bunded refuelling station for filling drums or plant equipment c/w electric timed fuel pump and 5 mtrs of delivery hose. Keeps your fuel supply secure and safe within bunded Powerpod.
  • Multi outlet distribution unit – to customers spec.
  • Additional silencing panels  available for super silenced situations.

Powerpod 2

Powerpod2 – Containerised Dual generator unit and 2000 litre fuel tank.

  • Fully bunded and tested.
  • Large generator for day use, small generator for evening weekend use. Excellent fuel saving and lower carbon footprint.
  • Automatic change over panel
  • Fuel filling station and battery charging station also available.
  • Compact 20ft x 8 ft footprint
  • Optional low voltage ECO telescopic lighting 20 Mtr mast.

Efficient: We can supply our Powerpod2 range of units which combine two generators for economical and efficient running. One larger unit for use during high demand, a second smaller unit for use in low demand situations; typically in the evening and weekends where only security lighting and server supplies are essential.

Reliable: All powerpods contain the latest up to date generator units, which are serviced at regular intervals and have visible service schedule tickets attached. On the rare occasions you do suffer a problem we have a team of engineers available 24 hours a day. Our out of hours service is so good we attend many breakdowns for other national hire companies.

Site Specific: Each powerpod unit can be supplied with our very own battery charging station for safe charging and minimise trip hazards by removing leads over the floor. We can also supply a bunded refuelling station for safe refuelling of site drums  and plant utilising fuel contents of 2000 litre tank in powerpod. Pump unit is operated via  a timer push button to prevent pump being accidentally left running.

Powerpod2 has proved very popular with our customers and has proven to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and reduce noise pollution. Please contact us for more details or a demonstration.

Safe: All of our Powerpod fleet is meticulously inspected and serviced before each hire we carry out regular tests on all our bunded powerpod units for leaks which are recorded and logged. Powertek ensure all of our units comply to the highest safety standards at all times. We also provide every powerpod with an emergency spill kit.

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